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Samlaan Cycling is located in Oudomxay town in northern Laos catering to organized tours as well as individual independent travelers. We have the aim of serving people who are traveling between northern parts of Laos to the World Heritage town LuangPrabang or vice-versa and those who are traveling from the south of China and the north of Thailand into Laos. After a long and exhausting travel by bus you may look for some exercise and want to explore the beauty and the secrets of the untouched northern Laos by bike.

Mr Ken Phetxayphone, the owner of Samlaan Cycling has several years of experience organizing and guiding trekking and cycling tours, particularly in central and northern Laos as well as in northern Thailand. Ken founded Samlaan Cycling as a company based in Oudomxay town with the flexibility to arrange unique tours to suit your own needs. Samlaan Cycling offers tours to individuals, small and large groups ranging from one to fifteen day trips.

Mr BounYang Sribounban, is SamlaanCycling tour guide who have been guiding several groups of tourists in the northern part of Laos, he is the one who make the office work running when every one is on tour.

Mr BounYong Sriphouthavaong, who is very kin to learn English also to be a tour guide, he is a guide in the Oudomxay area.

Mrs May is the chief of Samlaan Cycling’s supporting team. She will prepare you tea or coffee and fruits at every short break point when we are on bike.

Our philosophy:

Samlaan Cycling Tours is a locally owned and managed business bringing income to the small towns and villages throughout northern Lao.

We only employ local people and have a policy of 'spreading the benefits' from tours to the small, locally owned restaurants, guesthouses and villages we encounters along the way.

In the spirit of ecotourism, our guides are specially trained to minimize the cultural and environmental impacts of our tours.

We will teach you about the culture and behavioral etiquette of the ethnic groups you will visit and have a strict policy of packing out all rubbish and reducing plastic waste. Out of a keen desire to help disadvantaged Lao children in the countryside, we have been cooperating with tour operators in UK and established a charity in 2004 together with LVCF and other cycling tours in the USA, to raise money from 'cyclists to Lao' to build schools and provide clean water to villages in northern Lao.

So far we have funded the construction of three schools and the provision of clean water to one village with plans for much more in the future. Also to be linking between orphan children in Laos and other sponsors in the abroad.


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