Why cycle?

Of course, there are as many ways to travel as there are people, by bus, boat etc. Traveling by bus, boat or any other motorized vehicle on the main routes or in big towns you will see many attractions at the same time not being able to take a self-determinate choice of looking at them closely. At the same time there is another reality, and another way of life of local people that cannot be seen along the road or in urban centers. Cycling and trekking give you an opportunity to experience Lao rural life where you can meet villagers and learn about their culture and way of life.

Am I fit enough to cycle?

You do not need to be experienced or a fit cyclist, with Samlaan Cycling you can ride as far as you want, as hard as you prefer, or as easy as you wish. All our tours are flexible and designed for both cyclists and non-cyclists.

I have too much luggage

Please do not be worried about your luggage. No matter if you come with a large group or on your own we will take care of your luggage.

I have never ridden on a bicycle before (How to ride a bike?)

Our guides of Samlaan Cycling will provide you with all the techniques and information about riding a bike and the Lao traffic regulations. Plus we have very good quality bikes that ensure you will enjoy your outing on the bike.

Best Season for Cycling and Trekking.


Most of the cycling program tours can do whole year. Except the programs that use the off road as descripted in the itinerary will not be able to do in wet season between May-August. The other programs that not using the off Road or dirt road as in the detail of itinerary can do all year round but during March - June the weather is probably more hot and humid.


Due to the condition of paths and its adventure the treks are very suitable and comfortable during November-March. The other seasons can only be done with the programs that not longer than 2 days.

(Please contact us providing your schedule time and we will find the appropriate programs for you.)

Home Stay with Samlaan Cycling in Laos

With Samlaan Cycling we offer not only a tour to nature or sights. Where possible we will organize home stay in villages with the aim of promoting the comprehension of tourists for local custom and culture and to support the local economy.

We request that you respect the Lao law, culture and customs. Please take a few minutes to read and learn about the “Do’s and Don’ts” for cultural sensitive travel in Lao PDR

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