Map of Laos

Laos is a land locked country located in Southeast Asia with a population of 6 million within an area of 236,800 square kilometers, consisting of 47 ethnic minorities. Laos is rich in nature, history, and culture and is known for its friendly people. Surrounded by five countries within a dynamic region that is changing rapidly inside rural Laos the traditional way of life is still continuing untouched by modernization.

As Laos is land locked with a tropical climate, it became attractive as a new destination for many tourists and cyclists. The country is rated by “” as # 1 out of the 25 best countries for bike tours) especially in the northern part of the country.

Online: [Date: 2017-07-27]
Samlaan Cycling - 02/01 Ban Cheang Village - Muang Xai, District - Oudomxay Province, Lao PDR
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