Oudomxay province is in the heart of northern Laos. With 85% of its area covered by mountains it is known for its beautiful scenery and cooler climate. The province consists of more than 27 ethnic minorities in 7 districts.

As Oudomxay town is the crossroads between the Lao northern provinces, Thailand, China and Vietnam, it is known as an important place. Within the area there are many places off the beaten track to explore with northern climate flora and fauna that you will not find in other places. As it is a hilly province it is highly suitable for cycling and trekking, offering a wide range of challenge from very easy to extreme adventure levels. Not only are there temples, caves and waterfalls but you will experience the real Lao beyond your expectations seeing how rural villagers are carrying on their local traditions and way of life, yet untouched by overdeveloped tourism.

How to get to Oudomxay town

By land

From northern Thailand" Xiangkhong" you can take a boat journey down Mekong River to Pakbeng or either by bus from Huayxay Province via Luangnumtha Province.

From South of China. There is only one entry from Yunan province to Boten, from here you can only travel by bus to Oudomxai Province there are 3 buses daily.

From Luangprabang by Car/bus daily 3 Buses, latest departure at 12.00 PM.

From Huayxay by bus daily 1 bus, departure at 8.30 AM.

From Pakbeng by bus daily 3 buses, latest departure at 12.00PM.

From Luangnamtha by bus daily 3 Buses, latest departure at 12.00 PM.

From Vientiane by air; there is domestic flight of Lao Air Way 3 flights a week.

From North of Vietnam: recently the border between Phongsaly, Laos

(Sop Houn )and Dienbienphou (Vietnam) is opened for the tourist who has visa in advance only.

By air

From Vientiane
there are domestic flights of Lao Airlines 3 times a week.

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